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Commissi was designed from the ground up to be a safe, manageable place to deal with commissions and art trade, with Commissi being the middle man.

Our trade system is designed to eliminate the two biggest risks in commissions -- scams. Either the artist bailing after receiving payment, or the client refunding after receiving the piece.
When someone requests a commission, it opens up the first stage called "Negotiations". This is where the idea for the piece is conveyed and the opportunity to add references comes in. The artist can modify the price and timeframe and submit for approval.
Once approved by both parties and the client pays the requested amount, the amount is held in limbo and untouchable by either side.
The client can request (at the beginning) to have a Rough or Sketch of the piece by the 10% time mark on the piece, so if it's a 30 day commission, by day 3.
At the end of the commission, the artist submits a final for approval by the client. All submitted material is downscaled, watermarked, and embedded.
If the client is happy with the results, they receive a link to download the full resolution, non-watermakred pieces and the artist receives the held Clams. Otherwise, they may submit for alterations or Intervention.
Alterations are simply "hey i requested a button up, but got a v-neck". Simple mistakes,
Interventions require Commissi Staff to intervene. This is for more serious faults that include things like Artist never completing the work, Artist passing other works as their submissions, Artist completing, but not actually following the request. Interventions can conclude with either a full or partial refund if necessary and staff deems fit.

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